About us

Family enterprise „Dr. Teresko teas” was founded in Latvia in 1995 by Dr. Arturs Teresko and Dr. Baiba Teresko after completing qualification courses in All-Russian Research Institute of Medical and Aromatic Herbs.

Dr. Arturs Teresko created all prescriptions for tea mixtures to be produced in „Dr. Teresko teas”. Preparation of teas at the very beginning was done at home – herbs were dried on the balcony and both entrepreneurs prepared tea mixtures and filled the packages.

Nowadays enterprise „Dr. Teresko teas” has 10 employees and tea processing is done in modern production unit (opened 2008). Tea’s are prepared by using herbs that are vegetating in natural environment (meadows, forests, etc), as well as herbs that have been cultivated in eco-farms by local peasants.

Herbs are cut and dried by using high-quality techniques, but packing is hand-work which therefore ensures changeless fineness and quality of medical herb teas.

On our website you will find information about medicative herbs and their usage to strengthen health, about illness treatments through phythotherapy as well as short, easily understandable descriptions on different conditions of sicknesses.

Knowledge on phytotherapy could be especially useful in situation when there would be no pharmaceutical remedies accessible. Our planet has become quite rebellious and we can face hard times in the future therefore we must collect information on usage of natural resources to survive in severe conditions.

„Dr. Teresko teas” production has received European quality standard certificate and is open to export.

Buy our teas at pharmacies in Latvia, health shops or healthcare practices.


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