Food supplements containing birch bark extract – betulin

The main purpose of these food supplements containing betulin is to provide best health condition and prevent illness.

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What to expect?

  • Contribution to a normal liver detoxification function,
  • Within the norms cholesterol will be maintained if it has been elevated,
  • Within the norms sugar level will be maintained if it has been elevated,
  • It is possible that normal blood pressure will remain, if it has been elevated,
  • It will be easier to maintain normal weight if all recommendations are met.
  • Improved memory and mindfulness
  • The functioning of the immune system will be supported.
  • The function of the genitourinary and reproductive system will be enhanced
  • There will be a definite improvement in your well-being and increased joy.


We have created 5 different food supplements:


The use of BETULIVER increases the hepatic purification and synthesis capacity, has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, as it improves blood composition and “purifies” blood vessels.


The use of BETULCARD promotes the maintenance of normal cholesterol in the blood and reduces its ability to precipitate in the blood vessels, alleviate the heartbeat, improve memory, and continues to support the liver.


The use of BETULGASTRO improves digestion and assimilation processes, as well as promotes normal sugar metabolism.


The use of BETULFLU improves the health of the respiratory system and supports the body’s antioxidant capacity, helps to avoid colds and viral diseases.


The use of BETULURO promotes normal urinary output and supports the reproductive capacity of both women and men.




Betulin is obtained from the white part of birch bark. Its whiteness is made up of triterpene spirit bioflavonoids, which are named as betulin (the Latin name of the birch is Betula); it also contains the lupine, lupeol, betulin acetate, allobutulin, isobutylenol, oleic acid, butyllic acid in its dry extract.

Many studies have been based on the effectiveness of betulin in the following cases:

• Chronic inflammatory process in the body
• Prolonged use of medication (any), the use of many medicines at the same time.
• Fatty liver dystrophy, chronic and acute hepatitis A, B, C, gallstone disease.
• Oncological diseases as an accompanying therapy, together with cytostatic drugs
• Frequent contact with toxic substances.
• Alcoholism, acute hangover syndrome, the need to quickly “clear up”, drug intoxication.
• Lipid metabolism disorders, high cholesterol, obesity.
• Atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disorders, hypertonic disease, chronic heart failure, memory impairment due to atherosclerosis, circulatory disorders in the legs.
• Acute viral infections – influenza, herpes, cytomegalovirus and Root Disease.
• Immune system weakness with frequent cases of angina, pharyngitis, bronchitis.
• For skin regeneration – betulin stimulates collagen synthesis, improves capillary circulation.
• In the case of antibiotic resistance, the effectiveness of antibiotic beta-lactams and macrolides is enhanced.
• For food preserving – antioxidant betulin action prevents food deterioration and prolongs usefulness


The main properties of betulin are anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, antibacterial, antioxidant, antimutagenic activity, the ability to reduce cholesterol in the blood, improve liver and kidney function, as well as other activities that can be used to rehabilitate a person.

Betulin also has great potential in the cosmetics industry and in the treatment of skin diseases.

According to the international toxicological classification, betulin is classified in the fourth class – non-toxic substances.

Birches are never ill and within human being betulin works protectively as well as the molecule and atomic level of man and plant are similar.


Antioxidant activity

Pathological processes in the body often start with the cell wall and cell organelles (mitochondria, lysosomes, and nucleus) membrane damage caused by lipid peroxide oxidation.

Betulin’s structural hydroxyl C-28-OH binds to aggressive oxidant – atomic oxygen and stops lipid peroxide oxidation by protecting the cells from deep damage.


Antiviral activity

In 1994 it was discovered that betulin blocks virus from binding to the cell membrane, thus preventing the growth of the virus.

Betulin also affects the late phase of the virus replication, possibly the formation of a capsid, which is the internal axis of the virus, which forms the virus’s genome – two RNA molecules.

Due to the defect of the capsid, the virus’s internal nucleocapsid deforms and the virus fails to evolve and loses virulence.

Betulin thus interferes with spreading of the virus in the body.

More about the anti-viral activity of betulin:  http://www.sibran.ru/upload/iblock/5d3/5d3a67be75ab01flf0aa002aee7f9164.pdf


Hypolypidemic activity

Studies have shown that betulin lowers levels of lipoprotein in the bloodstream as effectively as those remedies in the satin group. Betulin reduces the formation of fatty liver cells (steatosis) and fat cells (obesity) and increases cellular insulin sensitivity in case of type 2 diabetes.

Compared to statins, betulin has no side effects, it acts as an effective hepatoprotector, and its prolonged use does not cause unwanted changes in the body. By using betulin, the level of transaminases decreases if it has been elevated.

More on the hypnotipemic study: http://www.cell.com/cell-metabolism/abstract/S1550-4131(10)00446-8


Hepatoprotective activity

Hepatoprotective activity of  betulin has been studied using it as a non-toxic substance in the etiology of acute hepatitis resulting from poisoning with paracetamol, carbon tetrachloride, and ethanol. The mechanism of action of these substances is very different, but the common thing is that liver cell membrane is damaged in all cases, liver cell enzymes get into the blood (blood tests show elevated ASAT, ALT and LDH levels). Experiments have shown that drinking betulin 0.0006 – 0.024 mg / kg prior to alcohol consumption, observed less pronounced intoxication and hangover syndrome.

Betulin is an effective means of any etiology, acute and chronic toxic hepatitis, including viral hepatitis A, B, C the case, including cases where the disease is yellowing stage.

More about hepatitis treatment with betulin:




Anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory activity

Betulin significantly stimulates phagocytosis by activating microphages and macrophages. Betulin stimulates the regeneration process, accelerates recovery.

More about anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory activity of betulin: http://www.ccsenet.org/journal/index.php/jps/article/viewFile/23226/16765



Anti-tumor activity

Tumor cells are able to grow under oxygen deficit conditions, rebuilding energy metabolism in such a way that tumor cells consume 20 times more nutrients, mainly glucose, compared to normal cells. The tumor cell membrane has many more channels through which nutrients enter, the channels are generally “holes”.

Betulin, as a pentacyclic triterpene alcohol molecule, binds to lipid fatty acids of the tumor cell membrane, preventing them from reorganizing and exposing them to apoptosis. In this way betulin behaves quite selectively on tumor cells. Betulin does not cause change in whole cells, because there are not many receptors for betulin to join. When betulin is used concurrently with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the effect of toxic activity on whole cells is reduced, especially the liver is protected, since betulin acts as a hepatoprotector and an antioxidant.


Use of betulin-containing nutritional supplements to  restore the body

For middle-aged and elderly betulin is particularly needed in the restoration and maintenance of health. Usually, elderly people have a whole bunch of diseases: obesity, gastrointestinal diseases, atherosclerosis-related illnesses, liver ailments, gallstones and kidney stones, reduced immunity. In the case of these diseases, betulin can significantly improve the condition, even completely preventing the disease. To some extent, betulin can be called a panacea and elixir of youth.


To enable all these dietary supplements to work better in the body, it is necessary to activate the metabolism. The right way to do this is to be active. Set a goal to walk 5 kilometers each day. Proper walking pace is landing first fingers then heel. Over time, it will become an integral part of life.

If one of the “steps” was particularly good, then it is advisable to repeat it several times a year, along with the recommended diet and, of course, continuous physical activity.

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