1) How long should be each tea course?

Each tea is recommended to use at least for two months. But listen to yourself – what if suddenly Your favorite tea is no longer to Your taste? Then take a break!  Do not torture Yourself.

2) Is it allowed to drink more than one type of tea at the same period of time? 
At the same period of time You can drink two or three teas, but the dose in this case must be reduced to a common daily dose – not more  than 3 tablespoons of tea mixtures per day.

3) For how long you need to take a break between tea courses? 
Optimal  – 2 weeks

4) What kind of teas are recommended / not recommended for pregnant women? 
Pregnant women can drink all the Dr. Teresko teas. When drawing up the herb combinations and doses, the safety principle was taken into account.

If a pregnant woman has a high blood pressure – I recommend health tea for HEART, if there is oedema – health tea for Kidneys ; when toxicosis – recommend Health tea for Livers, if heartburn – will serve health tea for Stomach, if constipation – may  prepare health tea Soft and Easy. When cough – use tea for Bronchi.

From mono-teas do not  use large amounts of Oregano, Yellow cat’s foot, Wormwood, St. John’s wort, aloe and poisonous plants (even in trace quantities).

5) Is there tea against allergies or allergy relieving tea? 
When a person is allergic to pollen, then the tea from medicinal plants can aggravate allergies, so their use is not recommended. If the allergy is on the household dust, mold fungi, animal hair or food, then the recommended plants are small water lens, Corallorhiza Moss greens, great nettle, dead-nettle and beaver osier greens (caution –  poisonous!).


 Answers given by Dr. Arturs Teresko

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